Hopefully, the information in our web site has given you a better understanding of Duchenne and an awareness as to the reason FIND-A-CURE needs to exist and must succeed.

We feel that it is also important for you to know how we came to be. Luke Janquitto is a 9 year old boy with Duchenne. When he was diagnosed, his family was understandably devastated. The response of his father, Dan, was what was exceptional about this family.

Dan began his search for answers and found that the scientific community was closing in on a cure. He became very active in parent organizations and gound that there was no central location for research.

Dan organized a cross-country trip of antique military vehicles in the summer of 1995 called the "CONVOY of HOPE". The trip was instrumental in raising funds for the first ever university center for Duchenne research.

Once research for a cure was more formally organized and funded, Dan turned his attention to research for a short range treatment, which resulted in the formation of FIND-A-CURE.

For his efforts, Dan was recognized by his alma-mater, GMI (General Motors Institute), with their prestigious civic Achievement Award for 1996. We are proud to be associated with Dan in our efforts to FIND-A-CURE.


Jeanette Brick, Marketing-Waterford Wedgwood
Richard Galgano, VP - RBC Dain Rauscher
Charles Hartzel, PHD
Mark Feaster, President ViaSource
Fred DeFeo, Councilman Island Heights
Steven Hallett, Joint Venture Partner Carrabbas Italian Grill
Lee Pelton, CPA

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