Dr. Charles Hartzel
Former Director of Research
at A.I. Dupont Institute;
Chairperson FIND-A-CURE
Scientific Advisory Committee
FIND-A-CURE's unique strategy incorporates a partnership between business and science. Our Scientific Advisory Committee, headed by Dr. Charles Hartzel, consists of a mixture and diversity of research scientists and clinicians. All funded research must reflect the short term efficient practical application goals as set forth by the organization and the Directors. Funding of projects occurs through grant applications and collaborative or cooperative agreements. By charter, 80% or more of all donations must be used for research that ultimately targets practical clinical applications. During our first fiscal year, we dedicated over 99% of our donations to research!
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There are two main categories of investigation under consideration by the
FIND-A-CURE Scientific Advisory Committee:
* Pharmacology:
Studies on potential pharmacological agents, such as Hemin, could provide a treatment that slows or halts muscle deterioration.
* Genetics:
Various strategies and types of delivery systems, some involving gene splicing through viruses, would correct the defective DNA coding in the muscle cell nucleus and promote normal cell growth and maintenance.

The Alfred L.Dupont Institute Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware where FIND-A-CURE is currently funding the Hemin Project.

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