Duchenne Gene Mutation

Female Nucleus

Female cell nuclei consists of two X-chromosomes. When a genetic defect occurs on the leg of one X-chromosone, the duplicate leg on the other X-chromosome carries back-up genetic information. As a result, girls do not exhibit the effects of Duchenne.

Male cell nuclei consist of one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. When a genetic defect occurs on one leg of the X-chromosome, there is no duplicate backup leg on the Y-chromosome to compensate for the X-chromosome's defect. As a result, boys exhibit the effects of Duchenne.

Male Nucleis

Children's Duchenne is a neuro-muscular disease that begins at conception. Duchenne virtually wastes every muscle in a young boy's body until a fertile young mind is trapped inside of a useless shell. These children are wheel-chair bound by about the age of nine. Duchenne usually claims the life of its victims during the teen-age years when the heart and lung muscles can no longer fight the inevitable complications. Since modern medical research has made such monumental advances against many diseases, we have come to expect treatments for practically every illness. It is shocking to learn that Children's Duchenne, which affects one in every 3,500 boys, STILL HAS NO CURE.

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